How to Make Hard Cider


A glass of sparkling cider surrounded by apples.

A glass of effervescent cider is a fine goal for any cider maker. © Springfield Gallery Р

Welcome to How to Make Hard Cider. This website is an informational guide on how to make hard cider at home. If you are interested in making hard cider as a hobby or trying it out for the first time please look around the website. There is plenty of information readily available. Also, check the resource area of the website for links to books and other informational resources that can help you pursue this exciting endeavor.

If you are interested in making your own hard cider at home or looking for an easy way to make cider then visit the Quick & Easy Guide.

Before you begin brewing your own hard cider you should review the laws of your local government to make certain that home brewing (or cider making) is legal. What may be legal on a national scale is not necessarily legal on a state, province, or regional scale.